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MYC(1) FreeBSD General Commands Manual MYC(1)

myc - a simple calculator

myc [command]

Myc is a simple calculator capable of all operations available in C. Commands are entered in infix notation. It is possible to use parentheses. If a myc-command is specified on the command-line, the result is echoed and myc exits immediately. If invoked with no arguments, myc starts reading commands from standard-in. myc understands the following binary infix operators (from highest priority to lowest): ** (power), * (multiply), / (divide), % (modulo), + (add), - (subtract), << (shift left), >> (shift right), < (less), <= (less or equal), > (greater), >= (greater or equal), == (equal), != (not equal), & (arithmetical and), | (arithmetical or), ^ (arithmetical exclusive or), && (logical and), || (logical or), = (assign); and the following unary prefix operators: - (negate, unary minus), ! (logical not), ~ (bitwise complement). myc knows three data types: boolean, integer (32 bit), float (64 bit, equivalent to C double). On some esoteric platforms the precision of integer and float may be different. As in C the result of a division depends on the data types of the operands. An integer divided by an integer yields an integer. If you want the result to be a float, make sure one of the operands is a float, e.g. type 4/7. instead of 4/7 or a/(b+0.) instead of a/b. The power operation returns a float if the result is too large to fit in an integer. The result of a calculation is stored in the special variables $$ and $n where n is the number of the command.

Maybe. Please report bugs to

myc is not in the public domain, but freely distributable. It may be used for any non-commercial purpose. See file COPYRIGHT for details.

Sascha Demetrio
1996 February 11 Myc

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