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ONEFETCH(1) User Commands ONEFETCH(1)

onefetch - manual page for onefetch 2.11.0

onefetch 2.11.0 Git repository summary on your terminal

onefetch [FLAGS] [OPTIONS] [--] [input]

-l, --languages

Prints out supported languages.

-p, --package-managers

Prints out supported package managers.


Turns off bold formatting.


Hides the color palette.


Ignores merge commits.

-z, --isotime

Use ISO 8601 formatted timestamps.

-E, --email

show the email address of each author.


Count hidden files and directories.

-h, --help

Prints help information

-V, --version

Prints version information

-o, --output <FORMAT>

Outputs Onefetch in a specific format (json, yaml).

--show-logo <WHEN>

Specify when to show the logo (auto, never, *always*). If set to auto: the logo will be hidden if the terminal's width < 95.

-i, --image <IMAGE>

Path to the IMAGE file.

--image-backend <BACKEND>

Which image BACKEND to use.

--color-resolution <VALUE>

VALUE of color resolution to use with SIXEL backend.

-a, --ascii-language <LANGUAGE>

Which LANGUAGE's ascii art to print.

--ascii-input <STRING>

Takes a non-empty STRING as input to replace the ASCII logo. It is possible to pass a generated STRING by command substitution. For example:
'--ascii-input "$(fortune | cowsay -W 25)"'

--true-color <WHEN>

Specify when to use true color (*auto*, never, always). If set to auto: true color will be enabled if supported by the terminal.

-c, --ascii-colors <X>...

Colors (X X X...) to print the ascii art.

-t, --text-colors <X>...

Changes the text colors (X X X...). Goes in order of title, ~, underline, subtitle, colon, and info. For example:
'--text-colors 9 10 11 12 13 14'

--no-bots <REGEX>

Exclude [bot] commits. Use <REGEX> to override the default pattern.

-d, --disable-fields <FIELD>...

Allows you to disable FIELD(s) from appearing in the output.

-A, --authors-number <NUM>

NUM of authors to be shown. [default: 3]

-e, --exclude <EXCLUDE>...

Ignore all files & directories matching EXCLUDE.

-T, --type <TYPE>...

Filters output by language type (*programming*, *markup*, prose, data).

Run as if onefetch was started in <input> instead of the current working directory.

The full documentation for onefetch is maintained as a Texinfo manual. If the info and onefetch programs are properly installed at your site, the command
info onefetch

should give you access to the complete manual.

November 2021 onefetch 2.11.0

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