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QFLIGHT(1) QuakeForge User's Manual QFLIGHT(1)

qflight - The QuakeForge Light Tool

qflight < command> [options] FILE...

qflight Takes a .bsp file generated by qfbsp and does light casting from all the static lights in the map.

qflight accepts the following arguments as a command. Only one command may be used at a time.
-h, --help
Show summary of options.
-V, --version
Show the version of qflight.

qflight takes the following arguments as options.
-q, --quiet
Inhibit some of qflight's normal output.
-v, --verbose
Display more output than usual.
-t, --threads (n)
The number of threads to use.
-e, --extra
By default qflight takes one sample from each light point, running with "-extra" enabled takes four samples and averages them. This gives smoother lighting/shadows but takes four times as long.
-d, --distance (n)
Scales the fade distance of ALL lights. n>1 fades faster, n<1 fades slower.
-r, --range (n)
Scales the brightness range of ALL lights without affecting their fade distance. n>.5 makes them brighter, n<.5 makes them darker.

Colin Thompson ( ported this to quakeforge from the original id Software quake utils release.

quakeforge(1), qfbsp(1), qfvis(1)
25 August, 2002 QuakeForge

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