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VADDUSER(1) VMailMgr Tools Documentation VADDUSER(1)

vadduser - Add a user to a virtual domain

vadduser [ -c INT] [ --msgcount=INT] [ -D] [ --no-mailbox] [ -d STR] [ --directory=STR] [ -e INT] [ --expiry=INT] [ -f STR] [ --forward=STR] [ --password=STR] [ -P] [ --no-password] [ -p STR] [ --personal=STR] [ -Q INT] [ --hardquota=INT] [ -q INT] [ --softquota=INT] [ --quiet] [ -z INT] [ --msgsize=INT] USERNAME [ALIAS1 ...]\n" "or vaddalias USERNAME [ALIAS1 ...]

This program is used to set up a user within a virtual host. If this program is reading from a tty, it will then ask for a password (twice, to make sure you typed it in correctly), otherwise it will read the password from the input with no prompting. It will then add the user to the virtual password table in the current directory and create a mail directory for the new user. It will also add an entry for each of the named aliases.

-c INT, --msgcount=INT
Set the user's message count limit.
-D, --no-mailbox
Do not create a mailbox for this user. Defaults to true for vaddalias.
-d STR, --directory=STR
Set the path to the user's mailbox. Note that this directory is unconditionally prefixed with "./".
-e INT, --expiry=INT
Set the account's expiry time (in seconds).
-f STR, --forward=STR
Add a forwarding address to this user (this may be used multiple times).
Encrypted password. Defaults to asking for a password.
-P, --no-password
Do not ask for a password, and instead set the pass phrase field to an unusable value.
-p STR, --personal=STR
Set the user's personal information.
-Q INT, --hardquota=INT
Set the user's hard quota (in bytes).
-q INT, --softquota=INT
Set the user's soft quota (in bytes).
Suppress all status messages.
-z INT, --msgsize=INT
Set the user's message size limit (in bytes).

0 if all steps were successful, non-zero otherwise. If any of the steps fail, a diagnostic message is printed.


You must have either created the users subdirectory by hand or run the vsetup program before using this program.
This program expects the environment variable "HOME" to be set, and executes a change directory to the contents of it before starting. It is also required that you change user to the domain owner before using these utilities.

Bruce Guenter <>
2019-01-03 vmailmgr 0.97

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