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VCHATTR(1) VMailMgr Tools Documentation VCHATTR(1)

vchattr - Changes the attributes on one or more virtual users

vchattr [ -c] [ --msgcount] [ -e] [ --expiry] [ -E] [ --enabled] [ -p] [ --personal] [ -q] [ --softquota] [ -Q] [ --hardquota] [ --quiet] [ -z] [ --msgsize] VALUE USERNAME ...

This program changes the value of one attribute on a set of virtual users. It cannot be used to change the user's password or forwarding addresses -- use vpasswd and vchforwards to accomplish those tasks.

-c, --msgcount
Set the user's message count limit.
-e, --expiry
Set the account's expiry time (in seconds).
-E, --enabled
Enable (1) or disable (0) delivery to the virtual user's mailbox directory. This does not delete the mailbox or any of the messages contained in or, nor prevent the user from logging in.
-p, --personal
Set the user's personal information.
-q, --softquota
Set the user's soft quota (in bytes).
-Q, --hardquota
Set the user's hard quota (in bytes).
Suppress all status messages.
-z, --msgsize
Set the user's message size limit (in bytes).

0 if the given attribute was successfully changed for all users, non-zero otherwise. If any of the steps fail, a diagnostic message is printed.


This program expects the environment variable "HOME" to be set, and executes a change directory to the contents of it before starting. It is also required that you change user to the domain owner before using these utilities.

Bruce Guenter <>
2019-01-03 vmailmgr 0.97

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