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VDELIVER(1) VMailMgr Tools Documentation VDELIVER(1)

vdeliver - VMailMgr delivery agent

vdeliver [ -D] [ -F] [ -R] [ -d] [ -f] [ --no-predeliver] [ --no-postdeliver] [ --quiet] [ -r]

vdeliver is the unified e-mail message delivery agent for virtual domains managed by vmailmgr. It is run from the .qmail-default file, and automatically handles delivery to any user within a virtual domain.

Add the "Return-Path:" line to the top of the message. (default)
Add a ""From "" mailbox line.
Add a ""Return-Path:"" line (default).
Do not add the "Delivered-To:" line to the top of the message.
Do not add the "From" mailbox line to the top of the message. Note that this line is never added when the message is being re-injected into the mail stream. (default)
Do not run vdeliver-predeliver scripts.
Do not run vdeliver-postdeliver scripts.
Suppress all status messages.
Do not add the "Return-Path:" line to the top of the message.

Returns 0 if delivery was successful, 100 if a fatal error occurred, or 111 if a temporary error occurred.

vdeliver expects to be run by qmail-local as it requires several of the environment variables that it sets. See the qmail-command(8) manual page for full details on these variables. In particular, it requires "DTLINE", "EXT", "HOST", "RPLINE", "SENDER", "UFLINE", and "USER".

checkvpw(1), qmail-command(8)

Bruce Guenter <>
2019-01-03 vmailmgr 0.97

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