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XHIME(1) FreeBSD General Commands Manual XHIME(1)

xhime - Himechan for X11

xhime [ options ] [ filename.xhm ]

Xhime displays animation in X window system. xhime changes its animation when the user-defined special key is pressed.
The animation is specified by filename.xhm If none is specified, ``rh110.xhm'' (Resident Himechan; ikeike gogo jump) is used. To use standard input, specify - as the file name.
The default special key is Return.
You can drag the window by pressing the left mouse button. Clicking the center button raises the window. Clicking the right button terminates xhime.

Print usage message and exit
-display host:number
Specify the host and display number.
-geometry +X+Y
Specify window geometry. The default position is the current mouse cursor.
Specify the keysym of the special key. The default is Return.
Don't check for the special key.
Don't use shape extension.
-bg color
Specify the background color. The default is black.
Draw in normal color.
Draw in brighter color.
Draw in darker color.
Specify the state number of the animation used to respond to the special key. (e.g. - 1) statenumber corresponds to the version of the animation. The default value is 1.
-audio audiofile
Specify the audio file used to respond to the special key. The default is not to play audio file.
-audev audiodev
Specify the audio device. The default is /dev/audio.
-aucmd audiocommand
Specify the command for playing audio files.
Use showaudio. (same as -aucmd showaudio)
Use window manager. It will make a window frame.
Enable biff feature.
-file mailfile
Specify the mailfile. The default is $MAIL. If $MAIL is not defined, /usr/spool/mail/$USER will be used.
-update seconds
Specify the mail polling interval in seconds. The default time is 30 seconds.
Don't ring the bell when new mails arrive. The default is to ring the bell.

Specify the default X server (hostname:display#)
Specify the search path for xhime data files.
Specify the default mail file.

X(1), xmodmap(1), xbiff(1)

`Shochan' Shoichi-NAKAYAMA (

Special thanks to:

MSP-Iris, Maruchi, Malor, Sio, Jason Chien-hung Chen,
HR-CDROM HomeParty(NIFTY-Serve) and Himechan-ML.

Copyright (C) 1994-1996,1998 `Shochan' Shoichi-NAKAYAMA
Copyright (C) 1994 MSP-Iris(ORIGINAL:`rhime.exe for PC98')
Permission is granted to any individual(esp. Himechan fan :-) to use, copy, or redistribute this software so long as all of the original files are included unmodified, that it is not sold for profit, and that this copyright notice is retained.
The author assumes no responsibility for damages as a consequence of use of this software.
9 September 1998

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