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XMINDPATH(1) FreeBSD General Commands Manual XMINDPATH(1)

MindPath PocketPoint user-level driver for X11

xmindpath [
] [
-f dev

xmindpath reads signal sent from MindPath PocketPoint device via serial port, and translate that into X11 event.
PocketPoint is a laser pointer, with three remote control keys. Three keys are right arrow, left arrow and "f/x" key. Keypress will be transmitted as 1200bps IrDA signal, which can be parsed by your computer. xmindpath parses the IrDA input signal, and maps the keypress as follows:
right arrow
Mouse button 1 (leftmost mouse button). This key will be interpreted by mgp(1) as "proceed page" request.
left arrow
Mouse button 3 (rightmost mouse button). This key will be interpreted by mgp(1) as "go back one page" request.
f/x key
Currently mouse button 2 (middle mouse button) is mapped to this key. However, this will be changed in the near future.
To perform remote-controlled presentation, invoke xmindpath simultaneously with mgp(1) (maybe from other terminal window).
If you specify dev after -f, the specified device will be used as serial port. With -v, xmindpath will generate more messages. -d option is provided just for debugging sessions.

The program exits with 0 on success, non-zero on failures.

MindPath PocketPoint:

The xmindpath command was implemented by Jun-ichiro Itoh <>.
This program derives most of its X11 related code from twiddler driver.

Keycode for "f/x" key should be configurable. BSDI gettyd(8) support would be desirable.
August 22, 1998 MAGICPOINT

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