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XOHTML(1) FreeBSD General Commands Manual XOHTML(1)

display libxo html output xo_emit(3)

xohtml [
] [
-b <base>
] [
-c -<command>"
] [
-f -<output>
] [
command argument...

xohtml is a tool for preparing libxo(3) HTML output for display in modern HTML web browsers. xohtml can operate in two modes. If command is provided either with the -c option or as argument(s) to the xohtml command, that command is executed and the resulting output is processed. If no command is given, the standard input is used.
xohtml is typically used to wrap libxo output with sufficient HTML content to allow display in a web browser. This includes parent HTML tags as well as CSS stylesheets and Javascript files.
If the command is given directly on the command line, xohtml will add the "--libxo=html" option needed to generate HTML output from libxo -enabled applications. See libxo(3) for details.
The following options are available:
Supplies a source path for the CSS and Javascript files referenced in the output of xohtml.
Use the given command instead of one on the command line. This command should be quoted if it consists of multiple tokens, and should contain the "--libxo=html" option or equivalent, since the command is used directly.
Output is saved to the given file, rather than to the standard output descriptor.

The following command line will run "du --libxo=html ~/src" and save the output to /tmp/src.html:
    xohtml du ~/src > /tmp/src.html
The following command line will run "du --libxo=html,warn ~/src" and save the output to /tmp/src.html:
    du --libxo=html,warn ~/src | xohtml -f /tmp/src.html
The following command line will run "du --libxo=html,warn ~/src" and save the output to /tmp/src.html:
    xohtml -c "du --libxo=html,warn ~/src" -f /tmp/src.html

libxo(3), xo_emit(3)

FreeBSD uses libxo version 0.6.1. Complete documentation can be found on github:
libxo lives on github as:
The latest release of libxo is available at:

The libxo library was added in FreeBSD 11.0.

Phil Shafer
December 4, 2014 FreeBSD 12.0-RELEASE

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