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Z80-ASM(1) Z80 Assembler Z80-ASM(1)

z80-asm - command-line Z80 CPU assember for Unix and DO$

z80-asm [-wlhcf XX] inputfile[.asm] [startaddress[[:length] :outputfile] ]
z80-asm [-wlhcf XX] inputfile startaddress[:length]:outputfile ...

z80-asm is a two pass compiler of the Z80 CPU assembly language. It's first argument is name of an input (source) file. If no sections follow no code is generated. In the case of exactly one section follows and the inputfile name ends with .asm the outputfile with its leading colon delimiter and the optional length may be omitted. Then the output is written to a file named inputfilename.z80 Generally each section tells the compiler to save code to file outputfile from address start address and with len length. Format of the file is described in z80-file(5).
If an obligate outputfile is missing compilation is aborted after this section but error checking of the code is done. If length is ommited, compiler saves code from start address to furthest byte stored to memory (inclusive).
All addresses are given decimal in range from 0 to 65535 or hexadecimal in the range from 0x0000 to 0xffff.
For assembler syntax see section z80-asm(5).

Compiler called with no options or -h option prints usage. Option -w turns on warning messages, when overwriting code in memory. Option -l writes a source listing in pass 2 to stdout. Each input line is prepended by PC, generated machine code and line no of 5 digits. Option -f which must be followed by a 2 digit hexadecimal value XX sets the undefined bytes in gaps created by DEFS and ORG statements to the given fill value XX. Finally option -c prints a cross reference listing of the labels to stdout in case of no errors.

No bugs are known. :-) If you find some, please feel free to send me a bugreport.

Z80-ASM was written by Brainsoft <> and Achim Flammenkamp <>

Copying of this software must be under terms of the GNU General Public License. There's absolutely no warranty on this software. For more details see file doc/COPY
(c) 1999-2004 Brainsoft

z80-asm(5), z80-mon(1), z80-file(5)
13 May 2005 Z80-ASM Version 2.2

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