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ZIPMAP(1) FTimes Documentation ZIPMAP(1)

zipmap - Map the contents of a ZIP archive.

zipmap [-m mask] [-o option[,option[,...]]] -f {file|-}

ZipMap is a utility for mapping the files in a ZIP archive without having to unpack and write them to disk first. The output produced by this utility is roughly equivalent to FTimes output produced with the following FieldMask:

-f {file|-}
Specifies the name of the input file.
-m mask
The field mask specifies which attributes to collect/compute while processing the archive. The field mask value must comply with the following case-insensitive syntax:
The following fields may be specified:
    size   - Member size in bytes
    md5    - Member MD5 digest
    sha1   - Member SHA1 digest
In addition to the standard fields, the following group fields may be specified:
    hashes - Compute all supported digests
The default field mask is 'all'.
-o option,[option[,...]]
Specifies the list of options to apply. Currently, the following options are supported:
Member names for archives created on WINX platforms using the ftimes-grabber(1) are stored in a UNIX format. This flag indicates that those names should be converted back to their original format.

This example demonstrates how to map the contents of a ZIP archive called ''.
    zipmap -f
If you're only interested in the size and MD5 attributes, you can specify a field mask to limit the output as follows:
    zipmap -m none+size+md5 -f

This example demonstrates how to use this utility and ftimes(1) to compare the contents of two ZIP archives called '' and ''.
    zipmap -f >
    zipmap -f >
    ftimes --compare all -l 6

Klayton Monroe and Jason Smith

ftimes(1), ftimes-grabber(1), tarmap(1), and unzip(1)

This utility was initially written to assist in validating the contents of ZIP archives created by ftimes-grabber(1).
This utility first appeared in FTimes 3.9.0.

All documentation and code are distributed under same terms and conditions as FTimes.
2019-01-02 perl v5.28.1

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