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bup-tag(1) bup-tag(1)

bup-tag - tag a commit in the bup repository

bup tag

bup tag [-f] <tag name> <committish>

bup tag -d [-f] <tag name>

bup tag lists, creates or deletes a tag in the bup repository.

A tag is an easy way to retrieve a specific commit. It can be used to mark a specific backup for easier retrieval later.

When called without any arguments, the command lists all tags that can be found in the repository. When called with a tag name and a commit ID or ref name, it creates a new tag with the given name, if it doesn’t already exist, that points to the commit given in the second argument. When called with `-d' and a tag name, it removes the given tag, if it exists.

bup exposes the contents of backups with current tags, via any command that lists or shows backups. They can be found under the /.tag directory. For example, the `ftp' command will show the tag named `tag1' under /.tag/tag1.

-d, --delete
delete a tag
-f, --force
Overwrite the named tag even if it already exists. With -f, don’t report a missing tag as an error.

$ bup tag new-puppet-version hostx-backup
$ bup tag
$ bup ftp "ls /.tag/new-puppet-version"
$ bup tag -d new-puppet-version


bup-save(1), bup-split(1), bup-ftp(1), bup-fuse(1), bup-web(1)

Part of the bup(1) suite.

Gabriel Filion <>.
2021-01-09 Bup 0.32

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