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dcd-server(1) 2017 dcd-server(1)

dcd-server - autocompletion server for the D programming language

dcd-server [-I directory] [-p|--port portNumber] [--tcp] [--socketFile filePath] [--logLevel level] [-h|--help] [--version]

dcd-server caches information about D source files that were found

-p, --port portNumber
Choose the port number on which dcd-server listens. This switch implies --tcp.
Listen on a TCP socket instead of a UNIX domain socket. This is the default on Windows.
--socketFile filePath
Set the path to use for the UNIX domain socket. Has no effect if the --tcp or --port switches are used.
--logLevel level
Configure the logging level for dcd-server. Valid values are all trace info warning error critical fatal off
-I directory
Includes directory in the list of directories to scan for source files. This option can be specified multiple times.
-h, --help
Prints a help message.
Prints the current version number and exits.

dcd-server can be configured through the use of a file called dcd.conf This file should be placed in one of the following locations:



Each line in the file should be a path to search for D source files. A line in dcd.conf is equivalent to passing that same line to dcd-server with the -I option. Lines that start with the '#' character are ignored.

Unless the --tcp switch is used, dcd-server will default to communicating with the client over a UNIX domain socket. dcd-server will attempt to create the socket in the following locations:



Written by Brian Schott (@Hackerpilot on Github)

Please use the issue tracker located at

Feb 13

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