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DMENU(1) FreeBSD General Commands Manual DMENU(1)

dmenu-wl - dynamic menu

dmenu-wl [-b] [-i] [-l lines] [-m monitor] [-p prompt] [-fn font] [-nb color] [-nf color] [-sb color] [-sf color] [-v]

dmenu-wl_run ...


dmenu-wl is a dynamic menu for Wayland, originally designed for X and dwm(1). It manages huge numbers of user-defined menu items efficiently.

dmenu-wl reads a list of newline-separated items from standard input and creates a menu (or displays a notification if using -e). When the user selects an item or enters any text and presses Return, their choice is printed to standard output and dmenu-wl terminates.

dmenu-wl_run is a dmenu-wl script used by dwm which lists programs in the user's PATH and executes the selected item.

dmenu-wl_path is a program used by dmenu-wl_run to find and cache a list of executables.

-e dmenu displays text from stdin with no user interaction.
same as -e but text is aligned centrally.
same as -e but text is aligned to the right.
-et secs
when using -e, close the message after the given number of seconds
dmenu appears at the bottom of the screen.
-h height
dmenu is drawn at least the given number of pixels high.
dmenu matches menu items case insensitively.
-l lines
dmenu lists items vertically, within the given number of lines.
-m monitor
dmenu appears on the given monitor (0-based index or monitor name)
-p prompt
defines the prompt to be displayed to the left of the input field.
-po prompt
same as -p but don't wait for stdin - useful for a prompt with no selection options.
Return as soon as a single match is found. i.e. don't wait for the user to press return.
-fn font
defines the font or font set used.
-nb color
defines the normal background color. #RRGGBBand #RRGGBBAA are supported.
-nf color
defines the normal foreground color.
-sb color
defines the selected background color.
-sf color
defines the selected foreground color.
prints version information to standard output, then exits.

dmenu-wl is completely controlled by the keyboard. Besides standard Unix line editing and item selection (Up/Down/Left/Right, PageUp/PageDown, Home/End), the following keys are recognized:
Tab (Control-i)
Copy the selected item to the input field.
Return (Control-j)
Confirm selection. Prints the selected item to standard output and exits, returning success.
Shift-Return (Control-Shift-j)
Confirm input. Prints the input text to standard output and exits, returning success.
Escape (Control-c)
Exit without selecting an item, returning failure.
Paste the current X selection into the input field.


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