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dns-hosts-import(1) FreeBSD General Commands Manual dns-hosts-import(1)

dns-hosts-import - generate DNS tables from /etc/hosts entries

dns-hosts-import [ option... ] filename...
dns-hosts-import -Help
dns-hosts-import -VERSion

The dns-hosts-import program is used to read your /etc/hosts file and generate a DNS forward map from it, as a first step to configuring DNS.

The following options are understood:

Provide some help with using the dns-hosts-import program.

Print the version of the dns-hosts-import program being executed.

All other options will produce a diagnostic error.

See the file man1/

See the file man1/

If you have an /etc/hosts file which looks like this:

See the file man1/

By using the following command
% dns-hosts-import /etc/hosts hosts-tmp
You will see an output file of the form
@               in      soa (
                                3       ; serial
                                10800   ; refresh: 3 hours
                                1800    ; retry: 30 minutes
                                604800  ; expire: 1 week
                                86400 ) ; minimum: 1 day
mercury         in      a
venus           in      a
earth           in      a
mars            in      a
jupiter         in      a
saturn          in      a
neptune         in      a
uranus          in      a
pluto           in      a
lp              in      cname   pluto
You are expected to manually edit this into the rest of the database. You especially need to put sensable values into the SOA record.

See dns-hosts(1) for how to retrieve your /etc/hosts file once you have imported it.

See the file man1/

See the file man1/

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