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dune-subst(1) Dune Manual dune-subst(1)

dune-subst - Substitute watermarks in source files.

dune subst [OPTION]...

Substitute %%ID%% strings in source files, in a similar fashion to what topkg does in the default configuration.

This command is only meant to be called when a user pins a package to its development version. Especially it replaces %%VERSION%% strings by the version obtained from the vcs. Currently only git is supported and the version is obtained from the output of:

  $ git describe --always --dirty

dune subst substitutes the variables that topkg substitutes with the defatult configuration:

- %%NAME%%, the name of the project (from the dune-project file)

- %%VERSION%%, output of git describe --always --dirty

- %%VERSION_NUM%%, same as %%VERSION%% but with a potential leading 'v' or 'V' dropped

- %%VCS_COMMIT_ID%%, commit hash from the vcs

- %%PKG_MAINTAINER%%, contents of the maintainer: field from the opam file

- %%PKG_AUTHORS%%, contents of the authors: field from the opam file

- %%PKG_HOMEPAGE%%, contents of the homepage: field from the opam file

- %%PKG_ISSUES%%, contents of the issues: field from the opam file

- %%PKG_DOC%%, contents of the doc: field from the opam file

- %%PKG_LICENSE%%, contents of the license: field from the opam file

- %%PKG_REPO%%, contents of the repo: field from the opam file

In order to call dune subst when your package is pinned, add this line to the build: field of your opam file:

  [dune "subst"] {pinned}

Note that this command is meant to be called only from opam files and behaves a bit differently from other dune commands. In particular it doesn't try to detect the root and must be called from the root of the project.

Show build information.
--help[=FMT] (default=auto)
Show this help in format FMT. The value FMT must be one of `auto', `pager', `groff' or `plain'. With `auto', the format is `pager` or `plain' whenever the TERM env var is `dumb' or undefined.
Show version information.

These options are common to all commands.

Use `dune COMMAND --help' for help on a single command.

Check bug reports at
Dune n/a

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