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dvb-fe-tool(1) User Commands dvb-fe-tool(1)

dvb-fe-tool - DVBv5 tool for frontend settings inspect/change

dvb-fe-tool [OPTION]...

dvbv5-fe-tool is a command line tool for digital TV services that is compliant with version 5 of the DVB API, and backward compatible with the older v3 DVB API.

dvb-fe-tool is a tool to inspect and change the tuning parameters directly at the Digital TV frontend. If called without any parameter, it will show the device capabilities.

The following options are valid:
-3, --dvbv3
Use DVBv3 only
-a, --adapter=ADAPTER
Digital TV adapter to use. Default: 0.
-A, --acoustical
beeps if signal quality is good. Also enables femon mode. Please notice that console beep should be enabled on your wm.
-d, --set-delsys=PARAMS
Sets delivery system to the one specified at PARAMS. use help to show all supported delivery systems.
-f, --frontend=FRONTEND
Digital TV frontend to use. Default: 0.
-g, --get
Gets frontend parameters.
-m, --femon
Monitors the frontend locking status and the available statistics for a frontend that it is already being streaming via some other application. This opens the frontend on read-only mode.
-v, --verbose
Enables debug messages.
-?, --help
Outputs the usage help.
Gives a short usage message.
-V, --version
Prints program version.

On success, it returns 0.

This is the default behavior. It will open the frontend and show what capabilities it supports and what's the version of the DVB API.

$ dvb-fe-tool
Device DRXK DVB-C DVB-T (/dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0) capabilities:
DVB API Version 5.10, Current v5 delivery system: DVBC/ANNEX_A
Supported delivery systems:

Some devices (like the above example) supports multiple delivery systems. Older DVB applications might not be able to switch from one delivery system to another one, as this feature were added only on DVB API version 5.5.

This feature allows one to use those legacy applications.

$ dvb-fe-tool -d dvbc/annex_c
Changing delivery system to: DVBC/ANNEX_C

The tool can also be used to get the current settings. In this case, it will open the frontend at read-only mode, allowing it to be called while some other digital TV application is running.

$ dvb-fe-tool -g
FREQUENCY = 573000000
SYMBOL_RATE = 5217000

The dvb-fe-tool can also be used to monitor a DVB frontend statistics without touching on the device, using the --femon (or -m) parameter. The typical usage is to be able to read the statistics while some other DVB program or application is in use.

On this mode, it will keep printing the frontend statistics on every second, until the program is aborted with CTRL-C:

For example, while dvbv5-zap is tuning some channel, it will produce:

$ dvb-fe-tool --femon
Lock   (0x1f) Quality= Good Signal= 100.00% C/N= 36.40dB UCB= 370 postBER= 28.0x10^-6 PER= 0
Lock   (0x1f) Quality= Good Signal= 100.00% C/N= 36.80dB UCB= 370 postBER= 25.3x10^-6 PER= 0
Lock   (0x1f) Quality= Good Signal= 100.00% C/N= 36.30dB UCB= 370 postBER= 25.7x10^-6 PER= 0
Lock   (0x1f) Quality= Good Signal= 100.00% C/N= 36.30dB UCB= 370 postBER= 28.4x10^-6 PER= 0
Lock   (0x1f) Quality= Good Signal= 100.00% C/N= 36.50dB UCB= 370 postBER= 26.5x10^-6 PER= 0
Lock   (0x1f) Quality= Good Signal= 100.00% C/N= 36.50dB UCB= 370 postBER= 26.9x10^-6 PER= 0
Lock   (0x1f) Quality= Good Signal= 100.00% C/N= 36.20dB UCB= 370 postBER= 28.6x10^-6 PER= 0
Lock   (0x1f) Quality= Good Signal= 100.00% C/N= 36.70dB UCB= 370 postBER= 26.7x10^-6 PER= 0
Lock   (0x1f) Quality= Good Signal= 100.00% C/N= 36.80dB UCB= 370 postBER= 23.3x10^-6 PER= 0
Lock   (0x1f) Quality= Good Signal= 100.00% C/N= 36.50dB UCB= 370 postBER= 26.7x10^-6 PER= 0

If the standard error device is the console, the messages will be colored according with the signal quality.

The presented statistics types and unities will depend on the ones that the hardware you're using support. So, it may vary from hardware to hardware.

On this mode, it also supports to output an audible signal if the quality is good, using the '-A' parameter.

Please notice that, on modern Linux systems, the system audio should be enabled at your window manager and the audio theme should be set to produce an audio when BELL (character) is sent to the terminal.

C/N on the above stats means Carrier to Noise ratio. This is the Signal to Noise ratio measured at the pilot carrier or just the Signal to Noise ratio for modulation types where just one carrier is used, like DVB-C or DVB-S.

Report bugs to Linux Media Mailing List <>

Copyright (c) 2011-2014 by Mauro Carvalho Chehab.

License GPLv2: GNU GPL version 2 <>.
This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it. There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.

Fri Oct 3 2014 DVBv5 Utils 1.23.0

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