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ezmlm-issubn(1) FreeBSD General Commands Manual ezmlm-issubn(1)

ezmlm-checksub - reject senders not subscribed to a mailing list

ezmlm-checksub [ -nN ] [ -m MESSAGE ] dir [ subdir1 ... ]

ezmlm-checksub checks to see if the address obtained from the environment variable SENDER is subscribed to the mailing list stored in dir/subdir1 or the mailing list in dir/subdir2 or ...
If SENDER is not defined ezmlm-checksub exits with an error.
If -N is set (the default) and SENDER is not on any of the mailing lists, ezmlm-checksub outputs the message named TXT_ONLY_SUBSCRIBERS and exits 100, indicating a permanent failure to qmail.
If -n is set and SENDER is on any of the mailing lists, ezmlm-checksub outputs the message named TXT_REJECT_POSTS and exits 100.
Otherwise, ezmlm-checksub exits with a zero exit code (success).
If subdir1 (or more) are present on the command line and are relative paths, ezmlm-checksub only examines the named subdirectories within the absolute path dir.
ezmlm-checksub exits 111 on errors.

Use MESSAGE in place of either the message named TXT_ONLY_SUBSCRIBERS or TXT_REJECT_POSTS in rejections.
Negative operation: ensure the sender is not a subscriber. This is useful when trying to exclude SENDERs.
(Default.) Normal operation: ensure if the sender is a subscriber.

ezmlm-issubn(1), ezmlm-list(1), ezmlm-manage(1), ezmlm-make(1), ezmlm-send(1), ezmlm-sub(1), ezmlm-unsub(1), ezmlm(5)

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