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ftpmail(1) FreeBSD General Commands Manual ftpmail(1)

ftpmail - FIFO-based Perl script for sending email based on proftpd TransferLog

ftpmail [ --help ] [ --fifo fifo-path ] [ --from email-address ] [ --log xferlog-file ] [ --recipient email-address ] [ --subject email-subject ] [ --smtp-server server-address ] [ --attach-file ] [ --auth smtp-auth-info-file ] [ --ignore-users regex-pattern ] [ --watch-users regex-pattern ]

ftpmail is a Perl script designed to read ProFTPD's TransferLog log entries, watching for uploads, and to send an automatic email notification when uploads occur. To use ftpmail , you configure your proftpd daemon to write its TransferLog to a FIFO; the ftpmail program is a FIFO reading program which then processes those log messages.

Display a short usage description, including all available options.
If used, this will cause a copy of the uploaded file to be included, as an attachment, in the generated email.
--auth smtp-auth-info-file
Configures the path to a file containing SMTP authentication information. The configured file should look like this:
--fifo fifo-path
Indicates the path to the FIFO to which proftpd is writing its TransferLog. That is, this is the path that you used for the TransferLog directive in your proftpd.conf. This parameter is REQUIRED.
--from email-address
Specifies the email address to use in the From email header. This parameter is REQUIRED.
--ignore-users regex-pattern
Specifies a Perl regular expression. If the uploading user name matches this regular expression, then an email notification is NOT sent; otherwise, an email is sent.
--log xferlog-path
Since this script reads the TransferLog using FIFOs, the actual TransferLog file is not written by default. Use this option to write the normal TransferLog file, in addition to watching for uploads.
--recipient email-address
Specifies an email address to which to send an email notification of the upload. This option can be used multiple times to specify multiple recipients. AT LEAST ONE recipient is REQUIRED.
--smtp-server server-address
Specifies the SMTP server to which to send the email. This parameter is REQUIRED.
--subject subject
Specify a custom Subject email header for the email sent. The default Subject is:
User '$user' uploaded file '$file' via FTP
--watch-users regex-pattern
Specifies a Perl regular expression. If the uploading user name matches this regular expression, then an email notification is sent; otherwise, no email is sent.


ProFTPD is written and maintained by a number of people, full credits can be found on

proftpd(8), xferlog(5)

Full documentation on ProFTPD, including configuration and FAQs, is available at

For help/support, try the ProFTPD mailing lists, detailed on

Report bugs at

March 2011

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