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heXcalc(1) FreeBSD General Commands Manual heXcalc(1)

heXcalc - programmers calculator for X

heXcalc [standard X options]

heXcalc is a mutli-radix calculator that offers the standard C integer operations.

The standard X toolkit options.

Calculator Modes: The calculator operates in several modes. The modes are controlled by buttons on the calculator. The current mode setting is indicated by setting the corresponding button to "insensitive".
Pointer Usage: All operations are done with the Button1 (usually leftmost button on the pointer). These can be changed using the translation manager.
button Usage: Most of the buttons are self explanatory (for C programmers). The others are explained below.
16/32 buttons: These buttons toggle the calculator between 16 and 32 bit mode.
sgn/usgn buttons: These buttons determine whether data is treated as signed (2's complement) or unsinged.
CE/C button: Clears the current entry without affecting other settings of the calculator.
C button: Clears everything. The display and memory are set to zero. The mode is set to signed, 32 bit decimal.

All calculator buttons are also available from the keyboard. The default bindings are shown below.
Keyboard		Button
( ( & & ^ ^ ) ) ^c off H hex O oct D dec B bin R Rcl S Sto s 16 l 32 + + - - * * / / % % > >> < << 0 0 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 6 6 7 7 8 8 9 9 a a b b c c d d e e f f ^h Delete last digit (Not available via button) Delete Delete last digit (Not available via button) = = Return =
You can rebind the keys to your liking using the X defaults file. The action 'doKey("string")' makes the calculator behave as though the button labeled "string" was hit. For example
	<Key>Return:          DoKey(=)
binds the return key to act as though the equals button was pressed.

heXcalc consists of a a vPaned widget ("wholePane") with two panes. The top pane is a label widget ("display"). The bottom half is a from widget ("buttonForm") holding the command widgets that make up the calculator buttons. The buttons are named in such that groups of buttons have the same name. This allows like buttons to be assigned similar colors with a single entry in the .Xdefaults file. These groups are:
	Name			Buttons
baseKey dec, hex, oct, bin controlKey off, C, CE/C evalKey (, ), = sizeKey 16, 32 signKey sgn, usgn memKey Stro, Rcl, Clr shiftKey <<, >> digitKey [0-9a-f] arithKey +, -, *, / bitKey ~, |, &, ^ +/- +/-
Two actions are supported. "DoKey" (described above) and "Delete" with deletes the last digit button pressed.

X(1), xrdb(1), xaclc(1)

Shift operations probably should have the shift count always interpreted as decimal.
Overflow detection on input leaves something to be desired.

Copyright 1989, Tom Jarmolowski.
See X(1) for a full statement of rights and permissions.

Tom Jarmolowski. GE Corp.

This manual page, and the hexCalc icon are minimaly changed versions of those supplied by xcalc.
1 October 1989 X Version 11

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