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hlmaster(1) User Manual hlmaster(1)

hlmaster - A Half-Life master server daemon (made in switzerland)

hlmaster [ options ]

hlmaster is a standalone, automatic master server for Half-Life. It accepts heartbeats from gameservers and keeps an actual list of gameservers.

To get a gameserver listet by hlmaster, you'll have to configure it accordingly. See hlmaster.gameserver(1) for more information.

Additionally, you might want to load a list of servers from a file. This is not the normal operation for a real master-server, but it's a nice feature for your own little master. See hlmaster.list(1) for more information.

-V, --version
Display version of hlmaster and exit.
-h, --help
Print a help screen.
-n number, --log-level=number
Set log level of the info-log as numeric value. (0=none, 1=critical, 2=error, 3=warning, 4=info, 5=debug). The default level is 4 (info).
-d, --no-daemon
If activated, hlmaster does not go to background at startup. This is usefull for debugging and is turned off by default.
-u user, --user=user
Run hlmaster as user.
-g group, --group=group
Run hlmaster as group.
-a address, --ip-address=address
Set the network interface address to listen on. You'll have to supply a numeric ip-address, hostnames are not resolved. The default is to listen on all interfaces (
-p port, --port=port
Set the port to listen on. The default is 27010, which is also the official port for Half-Life master servers.
-s name, --master-name=name
Set the name, the master server will report to clients. Though I do not really know, if this feature is used by any client.
-m number, --max-servers=number
Set the maximum number of gameservers, that are allowed to fit in the list. The default is 200, the absolute maximum 60000.
fetch more than 230 servers (they use an old protocol).
-l file, --server-list=file
Load a list of gameservers (max. 3000) from file. See hlmaster.list(1) for further information.
-c, --closed
If activated, the master does not accept any heartbeats. You will have to specify a list of gameservers to be loaded, otherwise hlmaster would have nothing to do.
-P file, --pid-file=file
Write process id (PID) to file. Remember to use absolute paths, if you start hlmaster as daemon process.
-I file, --info-log=file
Log informations to file. Remember to use absolute paths, if you start hlmaster as daemon process.
-A file, --access-log=file
Log access information to file. Remember to use absolute paths, if you start hlmaster as daemon process.

Abort hlmaster immediatly.
Reload configuration and logfiles.
Reload configuration files only. Please note, that the configuration files are not reloaded immediatly, but allways before the next request.
Reload logfiles only.

Report bugs to <>.

Silvan Minghetti <>.

Copyright (c) 2001 Silvan Minghetti
This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

Half-Life is a trademark of valve software.

hlmaster.list(1), hlmaster.filter(1), hlmaster.gameserver(1)

Check for newest version.

22 December 2001 HLMaster

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