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newinclude(1) FreeBSD General Commands Manual newinclude(1)

newinclude - create a binary mailing list from an :include: file

newinclude list

newinclude reads a sendmail-style :include: file, list, and converts it into a binary format in list.bin for use by fastforward.
newinclude first writes the mailing list to list.tmp, and then moves it to list.bin. If there is any problem creating list.tmp, newinclude leaves list.bin alone.
newinclude always creates list.bin world-readable.
COMPATIBILITY WARNING: sendmail reads list directly; fastforward needs list.bin. sendmail's strategy is a disaster if you save list to disk at the same moment that sendmail reads it; the list will be truncated at a random spot, perhaps in the middle of an address. Furthermore, if the system crashes while you are writing list, list could be filled with all sorts of garbage.

list may contain any number of lines; each line may contain any number of addresses or further :include: files. See newaliases(1) for details on the address format. Any line in file beginning with # is ignored.
COMPATIBILITY WARNING: newinclude does not support file or program deliveries in :include: files. You can use the secure delivery mechanisms described in dot-qmail(5) instead.
COMPATIBILITY WARNING: Versions of sendmail before V8 did not allow comments in :include: files.

fastforward(1), newaliases(1), setmaillist(1), dot-qmail(5)

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