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ooef(1) FreeBSD General Commands Manual ooef(1)

ooef - OOC error filter

oo2c --error-style char-pos ... | ooef [options]
ooef [options] <file-name> <pos>

The filter program ooef can be used to transform error messages, as emitted by oo2c, into a more convenient format. If no module name is given, ooef reads the output of oo2c from stdin, and writes a modified version to stdout. Error messages are rewritten, and the rest of the input is echoed.

If a file name and a character position are passed as arguments, appropriate output is generated to designate the given position in the module's source text.

NOTE: This tool has not been updated to work with oo2c's default error style. It only parses the old v1 style error format, which can be selected with --error-style char-pos.

--context, -c
Write an extract of the source text and insert additional lines to point to the error position. This is the default setting. Lines are numbered starting at 1.
--line, -l
Rewrite error message to file:line:error. This will only give an approximation of the exact error position. The first line has the index 1.
--linecol, -L
Rewrite error message to file:line,column:error. The first line has the number 1, likewise the first column.
--config <file>
Use given file as configuration file.
--help, -h
Write short usage summary and exit.

OO2CRC holds the name of the configuration file. OOC_REPS is a list of repository paths, separated by colons (:). Empty paths are ignored.

oo2c(1), OOC2 Reference Manual

Michael van Acken <>
4.2 Berkeley Distribution

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