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printf(1) User Commands printf(1)

printf - write formatted output

printf format [argument]... 

The printf command writes formatted operands to the standard output. The argument operands are formatted under control of the format operand. The format operand is treated like a printf(3) format string and the escape sequences '\a', '\b', '\f', '\n', '\r', '\t', '\v', '\\' and '\ddd', where ddd is one to three octal digits, are expanded as if they were in a C string.

In addition to the format specifiers %c, %s, %d, %i, %o, %u, %x, %X, %e, %E, %f, %F, %g, %G, the format %b is supported. The integers are handled internally as intmax_t to avoid range problems even though only the standard int type specifiers are supported in the format operand. The format %b is treated like %s except that escape sequences in the argument string are expanded as with the echo command.

Field width and precision may be specified either numerically in the format operand or via the '*' format specifier and related arguments.

The printf(3) flag characters '+', ' ', '#' and '0' are supported.

The format strings %n$ and *m$, where n or m are decimal integers in the range 1 .. maxargs, allow to specify the position in the parameter list. See printf(3) for more information.

The format operand is reused as often as necessary to satisfy the argument operands. If the format operand contains more format specifiers than argument operands have been specified, string formats are treated as if an empty string has been supplied and integer arguments are treated as if a 0 has been supplied.


The following exit values are returned:
Successful completion.
An error occurred.


bosh(1), printf(3).

printf was written 2015 - 2017 by Joerg Schilling
2017/11/21 Joerg Schilling

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