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SIGROT(1) User Manuals SIGROT(1)

sigrot - .signature file rotator

sigrot [-r | -on | -off] [[-w | -a] filename]

sigrot allows multiple .signature files to be stored in one "archive" file. Each time sigrot is called, it gets the next signature from the "archive" file and copies it into the .signature.

The first time you use sigrot, you will need a file containing multiple signatures. Each signature should be seperated by a single blank line. Only a linefeed character, and no other white space charaters may be on this line. (If you should like to have a blank line appear in a signature, you could add a white space character to the line so sigrot knows that the following lines are part of the same signature.) Just type:

sigrot -w filename

Now type sigrot and check the .signature file to see if sigrot successfully copied the first signature from the archive file.

You may delete filename later, or move it, it is longer needed by sigrot. Sigrot makes its own copy of the file.

You may find it annoying to constantly have to type sigrot to get the next signature. You may prefer to have it run automatically each time you run your mail program. To do this you can write a simple script file. For instance, I use pine to read my mail, so I would make a script called pine in my home dir. (Or anywhere in my path before the actual location of the pine program.) Such as:

-o filename
Overwrite signature archive with filename.
-a filename
Append filename to the end of the signature archive.
Restores the previous signature archive.
Turns off the use of the signature archive file. ( preffix and suffix files, if they exist, will still be written to the .signature file.) Be careful with this command. I added it at the last moment. While it works just fine, if you were to use the -w or -a parameters after -off, you will lose the previous signature archive. So be sure to turn the signature archive -on before using -w or -a.
Turns use of the signature archive file back on. (-r parameter would perform the same function.)

Per user directory conaining all of sigrot's files.
Archive file containing all of the signatures. (Each signature seperated by a BLANK line)
File containing an integer, which is the number of the next signature to copy from the archive file.
Optional file. The contents of this file will appear at the beginning of every .signature file that is written.
Optional file. The contents of this file will appear at the end of every .signature file that is written.

The signature entries in the source file must each be seperated by a BLANK line. This blank line cannot contain any other white-space characters.

Christopher Morrone <>
NOVEMBER 1995 Linux

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