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Man Pages
v.lrs.segment(1) Grass User's Manual v.lrs.segment(1)

v.lrs.segment - Creates points/segments from input lines, linear reference system and positions read from stdin or a file.

vector, linear reference system, network

v.lrs.segment --help
v.lrs.segment input=name output=name [llayer= string] [rsdriver=string] [rsdatabase= string] rstable=string [file=name] [--overwrite] [--help] [--verbose] [-- quiet] [--ui]

Allow output files to overwrite existing files
Print usage summary
Verbose module output
Quiet module output
Force launching GUI dialog

input=name [required]
Name of input vector map
Input vector map containing lines
output=name [required]
Output vector map where segments will be written
Layer number or name
Line layer
Default: 1
Driver name for reference system table
Options: dbf, ogr, pg, sqlite
Default: sqlite
Database name for reference system table
Default: $GISDBASE/$LOCATION_NAME/$MAPSET/sqlite/sqlite.db
rstable=string [required]
Name of the reference system table
Name of file containing segment rules. If not given, read from stdin.

v.lrs.segment creates points/segments from input lines, linear reference system and positions read from standard in or a file.
The format is as follows:
P <point_id> <line_id> <milepost>+<offset> [<side offset>]
L <segment_id> <line_id> <milepost>+<offset> <milepost>+<offset> [<side offset>]

For more information and examples see the help page for v.lrs.segment’s sister module, v.segment.

This example is written for the Spearfish dataset (it continues the example from v.lrs.create).
In this example, the ’route_lrs’ shall be extended for a new position (point) along the LRS after bus stop 4:
# new point on LRS
echo "P 7 22 4+180" | v.lrs.segment route_lrs out=route_lrs_new rstable=route_lrs
g.region vector=route_lrs n=n+100 s=s-100 -p
# existing LRS
d.vect route_lrs
d.vect busstops disp=attr attr=cat size=10 bg=white lcol=blue yref=bottom
d.vect busstops icon=basic/circle fcol=blue table=route_lrs
# show modified map
d.vect route_lrs_new col=red

Figure out how to merge result into existing LRS map and table.

LRS tutorial,
Introducing the Linear Reference System in GRASS,
v.lrs.create, v.lrs.where, v.lrs.label, v.segment

Radim Blazek
Last changed: $Date: 2015-12-17 15:38:13 +0100 (Thu, 17 Dec 2015) $

Available at: v.lrs.segment source code (history)
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© 2003-2018 GRASS Development Team, GRASS GIS 7.4.3 Reference Manual
GRASS 7.4.3

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