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vii(1) FreeBSD General Commands Manual vii(1)

vii - buffer and display output

vii [ option... ]
vii -Help
vii -VERSion

The vii command accepts input from the standard input and displays pages of the input on the crt. These pages are delimited by form-feeds (or EOF) and only as much as will fit on the screen will be displayed.
The vii command can also repeatedly execute a command, and the most recent output is displayed.

The following options are understood:
-Execute string
The given string is executed. The command should be in quotes.
-Interval number
Commands executed with the -Execute option will be reexecuted after the given interval in seconds.
-Terminal string
Use the terminal type given, rather than the type given in the TERM environment variable.
Display some help on how to used the vii(1) command.
Display the versin of the vii(1) command.
See the file man/man1/

The following commands may be used to navigate the displayed text
q Q
Quit out of vii(1). As much of possible of the display is preserved. The interrupt key (usually ^C) will also cause vii(1) to quit.
^L ^R
Redraw the screen. This can be useful if a background process has overwritten the display.
j ^E CR
Scroll down one line.
k ^Y
Scroll up one line.
Scroll down one screen of text.
K ^B
Scroll up one screen of text.
c C ^C
Show the date and time in the top right corner of the screen.
t T ^T
Show the time in the top right corner of the screen.
d D ^D
Show the date in the top right corner of the screen.
p P ^P
Show the line position in the top right corner of the screen.

To display the process state every 15 seconds,
use the following command:
vii -e "ps axu" -i 15
If your shell does not have aliases, this shell script will do much the same thing:
while :
        ps axu
        echo | tr '\12' '\14'
        sleep 15
done | vii
If you don't have a Berkeley style ps(1) command, you will need to supply options as appropriate.
See the file man/man1/
See the file man/man1/

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