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Man Pages
vnroff(1) FreeBSD General Commands Manual vnroff(1)

vnroff - Vietnamese pre-processor for groff

vnroff filename | groff [ groff-options]

This program processes a text file with special Vietnamese character sequences (VIQR syntax) giving an output suitable for groff(1) processing. The output should work for all point sizes supported by groff(1)
The default diacritical marks are defined as:
Dau_Sac ´
Dau_Huyen `
Dau_Hoi ?
Dau_Nga ~
Dau_Nang .
Dau_Mu ^
Dau_Trang (
Dau_Rau +
Escape_Symbol \

Only one diacritical mark:
vowel followed by symbol
Two diacritical marks:
vowel followed by Dau_Mu, Dau_Trang, Dau_Rau then other symbols.
DD and dd: self-explanatory,

the resulting case is the same as the first character of the sequence.
The Escape_Symbol is provided to avoid the confusion between the diacritical marks and end-of-sentence symbols.
i.e: the question Anh ddi dda^u?
should be typed Anh ddi dda^u\?

groff(1), troff(1)

Vietnamese Standard Code for Information Interchange (VISCII version 1.1, 1992) <Viet-Std@Haydn.Stanford.EDU>
RFC 1456 Vietnamese Standardization Working Group, "Conventions for Encoding the Vietnamese Language
VISCII: VIetnamese Standard Code for Information Interchange
VIQR: VIetnamese Quoted-Readable Specification Revision 1.1",
May 1993.

Written in Pascal by Hu+~u (University of California at Berkeley). Converted to C & modified by Tra^`n H. Nha^n (Concurrent Computer). This is a public domain program. Feel free to redistribute it.

There are no known bugs. If you run into any problems, please send a description to Nhan Tran <>

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