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CHOWN(1B) BSD System Compatibility CHOWN(1B)

chown - (BSD) change file ownwer

/usr/local/heirloom/usr/ucb/chown [-fhHLPR] owner[.group] file ...

Chown changes the owner of the files to owner, and, if group is present, the group-ID of the files to group. Both owner and group may be either a decimal UID / GID or a login / group name found in the password file.

The following options are accepted:

Do not display errors.
When a symbolic link is encountered, change the owner and group of the link itself, rather than the file it refers to.
Recursively descend into each file operand. Whether owner and group of a symbolic link are changed depends on the -h option, but the link is not followed otherwise.

The following options have been introduced by POSIX.1-2001:

With the -R option, if a symbolic link given on the command line points to a directory, follow that symbolic link and change owner and group in the files below, but do not handle any other symbolic links specially.
With the -R option, whenever a symbolic link is encountered that points to a directory, follow the symbolic link and change owner and group in the files below,
With the -R option, do not follow any symbolic links, but change owner and group of the links themselves.


chown(2), passwd(5), group(5)

Permission to change owner and group is based either on historical System V behaviour, which is to allow the owner of the file or a privileged user a change to any value; or on historical BSD behaviour, which is to restrict changing the owner to a privileged user and changing the group to a group to which the file owner belongs.
1/29/05 Heirloom Toolchest

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