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csiod - a compiler/linker for siod

csiod [:o=outfile] [:m=flag] [:v=flag] [:i=val] [:p=fasl] [:e=false] infile ...

csiod Creates the outfile, default a.out, by loading all the expressions from the input files, and then saving the result in fast-loading format. A "#! interpreter-name" style header is written to the output file using information from the optional flag arguments.

In non-unix environments, which lack the "#!" convention, alternative techniques are used. Under WIN32 and VMS a bootstrap-exe file is utilized.

The flag defaults to 2, causing the procedure main to be invoked. Use a value of 3 for cgi scripts.
The flag defaults to "01" causing errors to be reported. A value of "0" supresses error messages, higher values cause more messages. Use a value of "1" or "0" for cgi scripts.
The val defaults to whatever was used in the compilation of the csiod command itself, which is /usr/local/bin/siod by default.
The parser can be fasl or read and controls the output format of the data of the compiler. The read format data is human readable, the fasl format data is binary and in cases where there are many references to the same symbol name is more compact and faster to load.

:BI :e=evalflag
The .I evalflag defaults to false, if true then each file being compiled is loaded with regular evaluation semantics first, then loaded again to obtain forms for compilation. Currently this sort of thing matters only for uses of but would be important if the compiler was extended to do macroexpansions or other optimizations.

the man pages for siod

George Carrette,

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