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openssl-gendsa - generate a DSA private key from a set of parameters

openssl gendsa [-help] [-out filename] [-passout arg] [-aes128] [-aes192] [-aes256] [-aria128] [-aria192] [-aria256] [-camellia128] [-camellia192] [-camellia256] [-des] [-des3] [-idea] [-verbose] [-rand files] [-writerand file] [-engine id] [-provider name] [-provider-path path] [-propquery propq] [paramfile]

This command generates a DSA private key from a DSA parameter file (which will be typically generated by the openssl-dsaparam(1) command).

Print out a usage message.
-out filename
Output the key to the specified file. If this argument is not specified then standard output is used.
-passout arg
The passphrase used for the output file. See openssl-passphrase-options(1).
-aes128, -aes192, -aes256, -aria128, -aria192, -aria256, -camellia128, -camellia192, -camellia256, -des, -des3, -idea
These options encrypt the private key with specified cipher before outputting it. A pass phrase is prompted for. If none of these options is specified no encryption is used.
Print extra details about the operations being performed.
-rand files, -writerand file
See "Random State Options" in openssl(1) for details.
-engine id
See "Engine Options" in openssl(1). This option is deprecated.
The DSA parameter file to use. The parameters in this file determine the size of the private key. DSA parameters can be generated and examined using the openssl-dsaparam(1) command.
-provider name
-provider-path path
-propquery propq
See "Provider Options" in openssl(1), provider(7), and property(7).

DSA key generation is little more than random number generation so it is much quicker that RSA key generation for example.

openssl(1), openssl-genpkey(1), openssl-dsaparam(1), openssl-dsa(1), openssl-genrsa(1), openssl-rsa(1)

The -engine option was deprecated in OpenSSL 3.0.

Copyright 2000-2021 The OpenSSL Project Authors. All Rights Reserved.

Licensed under the Apache License 2.0 (the "License"). You may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You can obtain a copy in the file LICENSE in the source distribution or at <>.

2022-05-26 3.0.3

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