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Badger::Filesystem::Base(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation Badger::Filesystem::Base(3)

Badger::Filesystem::Base - common functionality for Badger::Filesystem modules

    package Badger::Filesystem::SomeOtherModule;
    use base 'Badger::Filesystem::Base'
    # now this module inherits the base class functionality

"Badger::Filesystem::Base" is a base class module that defines some common functionality shared by Badger::Filesystem and Badger::Filesystem::Path (which itself is the base class for Badger::Filesystem::Directory and Badger::Filesystem::File.

Initialisation method which examines the filesystem path specified as a parameter and splits it into volume, directory and name.

Initialisation method which handles the "encoding" and "codec" options.

This method can be used to get or set the default encoding for a file.
The encoding will affect all operations that read data from, or write data to the file.
The method can also be used to get or set the default encoding for a directory or filesystem. In this case the option specifies the default encoding for file contained therein.
    $file = $directory->file('foo.txt');        # has :utf8 encoding set

This method can be used to get or set the codec used to serialise data to and from a file via the data() method. The codec should be specified by name, using any of the names that Badger::Codecs recognises or can load.
    # first save the data to file
    # later... load the data back out
    my $data = $file->data;
You can use chained codec specifications if you want to pass the data through more than one codec.
See Badger::Codecs for further information on codecs.
As with encoding(), this method can also be used to get or set the default codec for a directory or filesystem.
    $file = $directory->file('foo.json');       # has json codec set

Andy Wardley <>

Copyright (C) 2009 Andy Wardley. All rights reserved.

Badger::Filesystem, Badger::Filesystem::Path, Badger::Filesystem::Directory, Badger::Filesystem::File.
2016-12-12 perl v5.28.1

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