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Bio::NEXUS::CharactersBlock(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation Bio::NEXUS::CharactersBlock(3)

Bio::NEXUS::CharactersBlock - Represents a CHARACTERS Block (Data or Characters) of a NEXUS file

$block_object = new Bio::NEXUS::CharactersBlock($type, $block, $verbose, $taxlabels_ref);

This is a class representing a Characters Block in a NEXUS file. Characters Blocks generally contain state data for a set of characters for each taxon in the Taxa Block. One common use of a Characters Block is to house multiple sequence alignments.

All feedbacks (bugs, feature enhancements, etc.) are greatly appreciated.

 Chengzhi Liang (
 Weigang Qiu (
 Eugene Melamud (
 Peter Yang (
 Thomas Hladish (tjhladish at yahoo)

$Revision: 1.82 $

 Title   : new
 Usage   : block_object = new Bio::NEXUS::CharactersBlock($block_type, $commands, $verbose, $taxa);
 Function: Creates a new Bio::NEXUS::CharactersBlock object
 Returns : Bio::NEXUS::CharactersBlock object
 Args    : type (string), the commands/comments to parse (array ref), and a verbose flag (0 or 1)

 Title   : add_states_to_charstates
 Usage   : $self->add_states_to_charstates($states);
 Function: Adds states to the character states
 Returns : None
 Args    : states

 Title   : create_charstates
 Usage   : my $char_state_hash = $self->create_charstates($id,$label,$states);
 Function: Converts the input id, label, states to an hash ref for processing.
 Returns : Hash reference with (id, charlabel,states as keys)
 Args    : id, label, states

 Title   : find_taxon
 Usage   : my $is_taxon_present = $self->find_taxon($taxon_name);
 Function: Finds whether the input taxon name is present in the taxon label.
 Returns : 0 (not present)  or 1 (if present).
 Args    : taxon label (as string)

 Title   : set_otuset
 Usage   : $block->set_otuset($otuset);
 Function: Set the otus
 Returns : none
 Args    : TaxUnitSet object

 Title   : add_otu_clone
 Usage   : ...
 Function: ...
 Returns : ...
 Args    : ...

 Title   : set_charstatelabels
 Usage   : $block->set_charstatelabels($labels);
 Function: Set the character names and states
 Returns : none
 Args    : array of character states

 Title   : get_charstatelabels
 Usage   : $set->get_charstatelabels();
 Function: Returns an array of character states
 Returns : character states
 Args    : none

 Title   : set_charlabels
 Usage   : $set->set_charlabels($labels);
 Function: Set the character names
 Returns : none
 Args    : array of character names

 Title   : get_charlabels
 Usage   : $set->get_charlabels();
 Function: Returns an array of character labels
 Returns : character names
 Args    : none

 Title   : set_statelabels
 Usage   : $set->set_statelabels($labels);
 Function: Set the state names
 Returns : none
 Args    : array of state names

 Title   : get_statelabels
 Usage   : $set->get_statelabels();
 Function: Returns an array of stateacter labels
 Returns : stateacter names
 Args    : none

 Title   : get_nchar
 Usage   : $block->get_nchar();
 Function: Returns the number of characters of the block
 Returns : # charaters
 Args    : none

 Title   : select_columns
 Usage   : $block->select_columns($columns);
 Function: select a subset of characters
 Returns : new $self with subset of columns of characters
 Args    : column numbers

 Title   : rename_otus
 Usage   : $block->rename_otus(\%translation);
 Function: Renames all the OTUs to something else
 Returns : none
 Args    : hash containing translation

 Name    : equals
 Usage   : $block->equals($another);
 Function: compare if two Bio::NEXUS::CharactersBlock objects are equal
 Returns : boolean 
 Args    : a Bio::NEXUS::CharactersBlock object
2008-04-24 perl v5.28.1

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