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Bread::Board::Declare::Meta::Role::Attribute::Service(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation Bread::Board::Declare::Meta::Role::Attribute::Service(3)

Bread::Board::Declare::Meta::Role::Attribute::Service - attribute metarole for service attributes in Bread::Board::Declare

version 0.16

This role adds functionality to the attribute metaclass for Bread::Board::Declare objects.

The block to use when creating a Bread::Board::BlockInjection service.

The value to use when creating a Bread::Board::Literal service. Note that the parameter that should be passed to "has" is "value".

The lifecycle to use when creating the service. See Bread::Board::Service and Bread::Board::LifeCycle.

The dependency specification to use when creating the service. See Bread::Board::Service::WithDependencies.

The parameter specification to use when creating the service. See Bread::Board::Service::WithParameters.

If true, the dependency list will be inferred as much as possible from the attributes in the class. See Bread::Board::Manual::Concepts::Typemap for more information. Note that this is only valid for constructor injection services.

The constructor name to use when creating Bread::Board::ConstructorInjection services. Defaults to "new".

The service object that is associated with this attribute.

Jesse Luehrs <>

This software is Copyright (c) 2014 by Jesse Luehrs.
This is free software, licensed under:
  The MIT (X11) License
2014-02-25 perl v5.28.1

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