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Bundle::Object::InsideOut(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation Bundle::Object::InsideOut(3)

Bundle::Object::InsideOut - A bundle of modules for full Object::InsideOut support

 perl -MCPAN -e "install Bundle::Object::InsideOut"

Test::Harness 3.42 - Used for module testing
Test::Simple 1.302140 - Used for module testing
Scalar::Util 1.50 - Used by Object::InsideOut
Pod::Escapes 1.07 - Used by Pod::Simple
Pod::Simple 3.35 - Used by Test::Pod
Test::Pod 1.52 - Checks POD syntax
Devel::Symdump 2.18 - Used by Pod::Coverage
File::Spec 3.75 - Used by Pod::Parser
Pod::Parser 1.63 - Used by Pod::Coverage
Pod::Coverage 0.23 - Used by Test::Pod::Coverage
Test::Pod::Coverage 1.10 - Tests POD coverage
threads 2.22 - Support for threads
threads::shared 1.58 - Support for sharing objects between threads
Want 0.29 - :lvalue accessor support
Data::Dumper 2.172 - Object serialization support
Storable 3.11 - Object serialization support
Devel::StackTrace 2.03 - Used by Exception::Class
Class::Data::Inheritable 0.08 - Used by Exception::Class
Exception::Class 1.44 - Error handling
Object::InsideOut 4.05 - Inside-out object support
URI 1.74 - Used by LWP::UserAgent
HTML::Tagset 3.20 - Used by LWP::UserAgent
HTML::Parser 3.72 - Used by LWP::UserAgent
LWP::UserAgent 6.36 - Used by Math::Random::MT::Auto
Win32::API 0.82 - Used by Math::Random::MT::Auto (Win XP only)
Math::Random::MT::Auto 6.23 - Support for :SECURE mode

This bundle includes all the modules used to test and support Object::InsideOut.

For ActivePerl on Win XP, if Win32::API doesn't install using CPAN, then try installing it using PPM:
 ppm install Win32-API
Obviously, Win32::API will not install on all platforms - just Windows and Cygwin.

Jerry D. Hedden, <jdhedden AT cpan DOT org>

Copyright 2006 - 2012 Jerry D. Hedden. All rights reserved.
This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.
2018-11-27 perl v5.28.1

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