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CGI::Ex::Dump(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation CGI::Ex::Dump(3)

CGI::Ex::Dump - A debug utility

version 2.50

  use CGI::Ex::Dump; # auto imports dex, dex_warn, dex_text and others

  my $hash = {
    foo => ['a', 'b', 'Foo','a', 'b', 'Foo','a', 'b', 'Foo','a'],

  dex $hash; # or dex_warn $hash;


  dex "hi";

  dex $hash, "hi", $hash;

  dex \@INC; # print to STDOUT, or format for web if $ENV{REQUEST_METHOD}

  dex_warn \@INC;  # same as dex but to STDOUT

  print FOO dex_text \@INC; # same as dex but return dump

  # ALSO #

  use CGI::Ex::Dump qw(debug);
  debug; # same as dex

Uses the base Data::Dumper of the distribution and gives it nicer formatting - and allows for calling just about anytime during execution.

Calling &CGI::Ex::set_deparse() will allow for dumped output of subroutines if available.

perl -e 'use CGI::Ex::Dump; dex "foo";'

See also Data::Dumper.

Setting any of the Data::Dumper globals will alter the output.

"dex", "debug"
Prints out pretty output to STDOUT. Formatted for the web if on the web.
Prints to STDERR.
Return the text as a scalar.
Caller trace returned as an arrayref. Suitable for use like "debug ctrace". This does require at least perl 5.8.0's Carp.
"on", "off"
Turns calls to routines on or off. Default is to be on.

This module may distributed under the same terms as Perl itself.

Paul Seamons <perl at seamons dot com>
2020-07-08 perl v5.32.1

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