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Config::GitLike::Git(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation Config::GitLike::Git(3)

Config::GitLike::Git - load Git configuration files

    use Config::GitLike::Git;
    my $config = Config::GitLike::Git->new;

This is a modification of Config::GitLike to look at the same locations that Git writes to. Unlike with Config::GitLike, you do not need to pass a confname to its constructor. This module also enables the Config::GitLike option to maintain git compatibility when reading and writing variables.

"load" in Config::GitLike should be passed path to the top level of a git repository -- this defaults to the current directory. It will append ".git" as necessary. It supports both bare and non-bare repositories.

This module overrides these methods from "Config::GitLike":

The per-directory configuration file is .git/config. With an optional directory argument, will return a fully-qualified path to the configuration file, as git would edit with "git config --local -C path".

The per-user configuration file is ~/.gitconfig

The per-host configuration file is /etc/gitconfig

Returns true if a file contains the necessary files (as git would reckon it) for the path to be a git repository.

Loads the relevant .git/config file.


You may modify and/or redistribute this software under the same terms as Perl 5.8.8.

Copyright 2010 Best Practical Solutions, LLC

Alex Vandiver <>, Christine Spang <>
2020-03-13 perl v5.32.1

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