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Curses::UI::Progressbar(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation Curses::UI::Progressbar(3)

Curses::UI::Progressbar - Create and manipulate progressbar widgets


    use Curses::UI;
    my $cui = new Curses::UI;
    my $win = $cui->add('window_id', 'Window');

    my $progressbar = $win->add(
        'myprogressbar', 'Progressbar',
        -max       => 250,
        -pos       => 42,


Curses::UI::Progressbar is a widget that can be used to provide some sort of progress information to the user of your program. The progressbar looks like this:

 |||||||||---------- 14% ------------------ |

See exampes/demo-Curses::UI::Progressbar in the distribution for a short demo.

-parent, -x, -y, -width, -height, -pad, -padleft, -padright, -padtop, -padbottom, -ipad, -ipadleft, -ipadright, -ipadtop, -ipadbottom, -title, -titlefullwidth, -titlereverse

For an explanation of these standard options, see Curses::UI::Widget.

  • -min < VALUE >

    This opion sets the minimum value for the progress bar. Default is 0.

  • -max < VALUE >

    This opion sets the maximum value for the progress bar.

  • -pos < VALUE >

    This option sets the startposition for the progress bar.

  • -nopercentage < BOOLEAN >

    This option controls if a percentage indicator should be drawn in the widget. The default for the BOOLEAN value is false, so a percentage incdicator will be drawn.

  • -showvalue < BOOLEAN >

    If this option is set to a true value, the current position value will be drawn in the widget.

  • -nocenterline < BOOLEAN >

    This option controls if a horizontal line should be drawn in the widget. The default for the BOOLEAN value is false, so a horizontal line will be drawn.

  • new ( OPTIONS )
  • layout ( )
  • draw ( BOOLEAN )
  • intellidraw ( )
  • focus ( )

    These are standard methods. See Curses::UI::Widget for an explanation of these.

  • get ( )

    This method will return the current -pos value of the widget.

  • pos ( VALUE )

    This method will set the -pos value of the widget to SCALAR.

Since a Progressbar is a non-interacting widget, it does not have any bindings.

Curses::UI, Curses::UI::Widget, Curses::UI::Common

Copyright (c) 2001-2002 Maurice Makaay. All rights reserved.

Maintained by Marcus Thiesen (

This package is free software and is provided "as is" without express or implied warranty. It may be used, redistributed and/or modified under the same terms as perl itself.

2011-09-01 perl v5.32.1

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