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HPL_dlaswp00N(3) HPL Library Functions HPL_dlaswp00N(3)

HPL_dlaswp00N - performs a series of row interchanges.

#include "hpl.h"
void HPL_dlaswp00N( const int M, const int N, double * A, const int LDA, const int * IPIV );

HPL_dlaswp00N performs a series of local row interchanges on a matrix A. One row interchange is initiated for rows 0 through M-1 of A.

M (local input) const int
On entry, M specifies the number of rows of the array A to be interchanged. M must be at least zero.
N (local input) const int
On entry, N specifies the number of columns of the array A. N must be at least zero.
A (local input/output) double *
On entry, A points to an array of dimension (LDA,N) to which the row interchanges will be applied. On exit, the permuted matrix.
LDA (local input) const int
On entry, LDA specifies the leading dimension of the array A. LDA must be at least MAX(1,M).
IPIV (local input) const int *
On entry, IPIV is an array of size M that contains the pivoting information. For k in [0..M), IPIV[k]=IROFF + l implies that local rows k and l are to be interchanged.

HPL_dlaswp00N (3), HPL_dlaswp10N (3), HPL_dlaswp01N (3), HPL_dlaswp01T (3), HPL_dlaswp02N (3), HPL_dlaswp03N (3), HPL_dlaswp03T (3), HPL_dlaswp04N (3), HPL_dlaswp04T (3), HPL_dlaswp05N (3), HPL_dlaswp05T (3), HPL_dlaswp06N (3), HPL_dlaswp06T (3).
February 24, 2016 HPL 2.2

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