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Module::CheckVersion(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation Module::CheckVersion(3)

Module::CheckVersion - Check module (e.g. check latest version) with CPAN (or equivalent repo)

This document describes version 0.08 of Module::CheckVersion (from Perl distribution Module-CheckVersion), released on 2017-06-09.

Check latest version of modules:
 use Module::CheckVersion qw(check_module_version);
 my $res = check_module_version(module => 'Clone');
 # sample result: [200, "OK", {latest_version=>'0.38', installed_version=>'0.37', is_latest_version=>0}]
 say "Module Clone is the latest version ($res->[2]{latest_version})"
     if $res->[2]{is_latest_version};

 check_module_version(%args) -> [status, msg, result, meta]
Check module (e.g. check latest version) with CPAN (or equivalent repo).
Designed to be more general and able to provide more information in the future in addition to mere checking of latest version, but checking latest version is currently the only implemented feature.
Can handle non-CPAN modules, as long as you put the appropriate $AUTHORITY in your modules and create the "Module::CheckVersion::<scheme>" to handle your authority scheme.
This function is not exported by default, but exportable.
Arguments ('*' denotes required arguments):
check_latest_version => bool (default: 1)
default_authority_scheme => str (default: "cpan")
If a module does not set $AUTHORITY (which contains string like "<scheme>:<extra>" like "cpan:PERLANCAR"), the default authority scheme will be determined from this setting. The module "Module::CheckVersion::<scheme>" module is used to implement actual checking.
Can also be set to undef, in which case when module's $AUTHORITY is not available, will return 412 status.
module* => str
This routine will try to load the module, and retrieve its $VERSION. If loading fails will assume module's installed version is undef.
Returns an enveloped result (an array).
First element (status) is an integer containing HTTP status code (200 means OK, 4xx caller error, 5xx function error). Second element (msg) is a string containing error message, or 'OK' if status is 200. Third element (result) is optional, the actual result. Fourth element (meta) is called result metadata and is optional, a hash that contains extra information.
Return value: (any)

Please visit the project's homepage at <>.

Source repository is at <>.

Please report any bugs or feature requests on the bugtracker website <>
When submitting a bug or request, please include a test-file or a patch to an existing test-file that illustrates the bug or desired feature.

The distribution comes with a CLI: check-module-version.

perlancar <>

This software is copyright (c) 2017, 2015 by
This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as the Perl 5 programming language system itself.
2017-06-09 perl v5.28.1

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