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Mojo::Server(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation Mojo::Server(3)

Mojo::Server - HTTP/WebSocket server base class

  package Mojo::Server::MyServer;
  use Mojo::Base 'Mojo::Server';
  sub run {
    my $self = shift;
    # Get a transaction
    my $tx = $self->build_tx;
    # Emit "request" event
    $self->emit(request => $tx);

Mojo::Server is an abstract base class for HTTP/WebSocket servers and server interfaces, like Mojo::Server::CGI, Mojo::Server::Daemon, Mojo::Server::Hypnotoad, Mojo::Server::Morbo, Mojo::Server::Prefork and Mojo::Server::PSGI.

Mojo::Server inherits all events from Mojo::EventEmitter and can emit the following new ones.

  $server->on(request => sub {
    my ($server, $tx) = @_;
Emitted when a request is ready and needs to be handled.
  $server->on(request => sub {
    my ($server, $tx) = @_;
    $tx->res->body('Hello World!');

Mojo::Server implements the following attributes.

  my $app = $server->app;
  $server = $server->app(MojoSubclass->new);
Application this server handles, defaults to a Mojo::HelloWorld object.

  my $bool = $server->reverse_proxy;
  $server  = $server->reverse_proxy($bool);
This server operates behind a reverse proxy, defaults to the value of the "MOJO_REVERSE_PROXY" environment variable.

Mojo::Server inherits all methods from Mojo::EventEmitter and implements the following new ones.

  my $app = $server->build_app('MyApp');
  my $app = $server->build_app('MyApp', log => Mojo::Log->new);
  my $app = $server->build_app('MyApp', {log => Mojo::Log->new});
Build application from class and assign it to "app".

  my $tx = $server->build_tx;
Let application build a transaction.

Daemonize server process.

  my $app = $server->load_app('/home/sri/');
Load application from script and assign it to "app".
  say Mojo::Server->new->load_app('./')->home;

  my $server = Mojo::Server->new;
  my $server = Mojo::Server->new(reverse_proxy => 1);
  my $server = Mojo::Server->new({reverse_proxy => 1});
Construct a new Mojo::Server object and subscribe to "request" event with default request handling.

Run server. Meant to be overloaded in a subclass.

Mojolicious, Mojolicious::Guides, <>.
2018-11-28 perl v5.28.1

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