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Net::DBus::Binding::Bus(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation Net::DBus::Binding::Bus(3)

Net::DBus::Binding::Bus - Handle to a well-known message bus instance

  use Net::DBus::Binding::Bus;
  # Get a handle to the system bus
  my $bus = Net::DBus::Binding::Bus->new(type => &Net::DBus::Binding::Bus::SYSTEM);

This is a specialization of the Net::DBus::Binding::Connection module providing convenience constructor for connecting to one of the well-known bus types. There is no reason to use this module directly, instead get a handle to the bus with the "session" or "system" methods in Net::DBus.

my $bus = Net::DBus::Binding::Bus->new(type => $type);
my $bus = Net::DBus::Binding::Bus->new(address => $addr);
Open a connection to a message bus, either a well known bus type specified using the "type" parameter, or an arbitrary bus specified using the "address" parameter. If the "private" parameter is set to a true value, then a private connection to the bus is obtained. The caller must explicitly disconnect this bus instance before releasing the last instance of the object.
Send a request to the bus registering the well known name specified in the $service_name parameter. If another client already owns the name, registration will be queued up, pending the exit of the other client.
my $name = $bus->get_unique_name
Returns the unique name by which this processes' connection to the bus is known. Unique names are never re-used for the entire lifetime of the bus daemon.
Register a signal match rule with the bus controller, allowing matching broadcast signals to routed to this client.
Unregister a signal match rule with the bus controller, preventing further broadcast signals being routed to this client

Daniel P. Berrange

Copyright (C) 2004-2011 Daniel P. Berrange

Net::DBus::Binding::Connection, Net::DBus
2015-03-16 perl v5.28.1

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