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Net::Gnats::Command::APPN(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation Net::Gnats::Command::APPN(3)


The APPN command appends to the contents of field in PR with the supplied text.
When first issued, it returns a 212 (CODE_SEND_TEXT). The client should then transmit the new field contents using the standard PR quoting mechanism. After the server has read the new contents, it then attempts to make the requested change to the PR.
The command returns a 210 (CODE_OK) when it does not require a Change Reason.
When the command returns a 213 () it expects a Change Reason. The Change Reason is a multiText value. After successful submit of the Change Reason, it returns a 210 (CODE_OK).

When making a change that does not require a change reason:
  APPN <pr> <field>
  <-- 212
  <-- 210
When making a change that requires a change reason:
  APPN <pr> <field>
  <-- 212
  <-- 213
  <change reason>
  <-- 210

The possible responses are:
210 (CODE_OK) The PR field was successfully changed.
400 (CODE_NONEXISTENT_PR) The PR specified does not exist.
410 (CODE_INVALID_FIELD_NAME) The specified field does not exist.
402 (CODE_UNREADABLE_PR) The PR could not be read.
431 (CODE_GNATS_LOCKED) The database has been locked, and no PRs may be updated until the lock is cleared.
430 (CODE_LOCKED_PR) The PR is locked, and may not be altered until
the lock is cleared.
413 (CODE_INVALID_FIELD_CONTENTS) The supplied (or resulting) field
contents are not valid for the field.
6xx (internal error) An internal error occurred, usually because of permission or other filesystem-related problems. The PR may or may not have been altered.
2015-11-08 perl v5.28.1

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