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Net::SSL::Handshake::StartTLS::SMTP(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation Net::SSL::Handshake::StartTLS::SMTP(3)

Net::SSL::Handshake::StartTLS::SMTP - SSL Handshake via SMTP+StartTLS

Version 0.1.x, $Revision: 640 $

  use Net::SSL::Handshake::StartTLS::SMTP;
  # the same API as Net::SSL::Handshake
  my $handshake = $self->Net::SSL::Handshake::StartTLS::SMTP->new
      host        => $self->host,
      ssl_version => $ssl_version,
      ciphers     => $self->ciphers_to_check

This module simulates an SSL/TLS-Handshake like Net::SSL::Handshake, but encapsulated in a SMTP dialog with STARTSSL.
This module derives everything from Net::SSL::Handshake, but adds SMTP and STARTTLS. For this, it overrides _build_socket to start an SMTP session and STARTTLS. After SSL/TLS connections ends, an SMTP quit command is sent.
When no host (but a socket) is given, this code does not work and is nearly obsolete and the socket is used unaltered by Net::SSL::Handshake.
New Parameters:
max_retries: when a temporary error (421/450) occured, the connection may be retried. Set max_retries to 0 to disable retry; or any other value to enable. Default: 2 retries.
throttle_time: time (in seconds) to wait when retrying. This time is multiplicated with the retry number. Default: 65 seconds (which means, that the 2nd retry waits 130 seconds, ...)

We have to override send and recv, because we use Net::SMTP instead ob IO::Socket object.
2019-01-02 perl v5.28.1

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