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Net::Trac::Connection(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation Net::Trac::Connection(3)

Net::Trac::Connection - Connection to a remote Trac server

This class represents a connection to a remote Trac instance. It is required by all other classes which need to talk to Trac.

    use Net::Trac::Connection;
    my $trac = Net::Trac::Connection->new( 
        url      => '',
        user     => 'snoopy',
        password => 'doghouse'

The url of the Trac instance used by this connection. Read-only after initialization.

Gets/sets a boolean indicating whether or not the connection is logged in yet.

Gets/sets the Net::Trac::Mechanize (or subclassed) object for this connection to use. Unless you want to replace it with one of your own, the default will suffice.

Creates a new Net::Trac::Connection given a paramhash with values for the keys "url", "user", and "password".

Ensures this connection is logged in. Returns true on success, and undef on failure. Sets the "logged_in" flag.

Fetches the provided relative URL from the Trac server. Returns undef on an error (after "warn"ing) and the content ("$self-"mech->content>) on success.

Checks the last request for an error condition and warns about them if found. Returns with a TRUE value if errors occurred and a FALSE value otherwise for nicer conditionals.

Takes a paramhash of the keys "data" Given TSV data this method will return a reference to an array.

Copyright 2008-2009 Best Practical Solutions.
This package is licensed under the same terms as Perl 5.8.8.
2009-06-10 perl v5.28.1

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