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Net::Trac::Ticket(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation Net::Trac::Ticket(3)

Net::Trac::Ticket - Create, read, and update tickets on a remote Trac instance

    my $ticket = Net::Trac::Ticket->new( connection => $trac );
    $ticket->load( 1 );
    print $ticket->summary, "\n";

This class represents a ticket on a remote Trac instance. It provides methods for creating, reading, and updating tickets and their history as well as adding comments and getting attachments.

Accept's a timestamp in Trac's somewhat idiosyncratic format and returns a DateTime object

Takes a key "connection" with a value of a Net::Trac::Connection. Returns an empty ticket object.

Loads up the ticket with the specified ID. Returns the ticket ID loaded on success and undef on failure.

You should never need to use this method yourself. Loads a ticket from a hashref of data, optionally skipping metadata loading (values of "valid_*" accessors).

Creates and loads a new ticket with the values specified. Returns undef on failure and the new ticket ID on success.

Updates the current ticket with the specified values.
Returns undef on failure, and the ID of the current ticket on success.

Adds a comment to the current ticket. Returns undef on failure, true on success.

Returns a Net::Trac::TicketHistory object for this ticket.

Returns an array or arrayref (depending on context) of history entries which have comments included. This will include history entries representing attachments if they have descriptions.

Attaches the specified "file" with an optional "description". Returns undef on failure and the new Net::Trac::TicketAttachment object on success.

Returns an array or arrayref (depending on context) of all the Net::Trac::TicketAttachment objects for this ticket.

Returns a DateTime object

Returns a DateTime object

Returns a list of the basic statuses available for a ticket. Others may be defined by the remote Trac instance, but we have no way of easily getting them.

Returns a list of the valid properties of a ticket.

Adds custom properties to valid properties list.

Returns a list of the valid properties specifiable when creating a ticket.

Returns a list of the valid updatable properties.

These accessors are loaded from the remote Trac instance with the valid values for the properties upon instantiation of a ticket object.
valid_resolutions - Only loaded when a ticket is loaded.
valid_severities - May not be provided by the Trac instance.

Copyright 2008-2009 Best Practical Solutions.
This package is licensed under the same terms as Perl 5.8.8.
2011-04-02 perl v5.28.1

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