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OpenXPKI::Client::UI(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation OpenXPKI::Client::UI(3)

Builder that creates an instance of OpenXPKI::Client and cares about switching/creating the backend session

Expect the page/action string and a reference to the cgi object Extracts the expected class and method name and extra params encoded in the given parameter and tries to instantiate the class. On success, the class instance and the extracted method name is returned (two element array). On error, both elements in the array are set to undef.

Expect a reference to the cgi object. Returns the value of cgi->param('action') if set and the XSRFtoken is valid. If the token is invalid, returns undef and sets the global status to error. If parameter is empty or not set returns undef.

Delete and flush the current session and recreate a new one using the remaining class object. If the internal session handler is used, the session is cleared but not destreoyed.

If you pass a reference to the CGI handler, the session cookie is updated.

2022-05-14 perl v5.32.1

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