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OpenXPKI::Crypto::API(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation OpenXPKI::Crypto::API(3)

OpenXPKI::Crypto::API - API for cryptographic functions - abstract superclass.

This is the ABSTRACT superclass for crypto APIs, such as OpenXPKI::Crypto::Backend::API, OpenXPKI::Crypto::Tool::SCEP::API, ... As an abstract superclass, it just implements basic command validation, more functionality has to be implemented in the specific subclasses. Note that it can not be instantiated.

This constructor (see Class::Std) tries to create an instance of the class passed by the named parameter 'CLASS'. This is supposed to be the corresponding Backend or Tool class, e.g. OpenXPKI::Backend::OpenSSL

This checks whether valid command parameters are present and then excutes a command on the instance mentioned above.

This method is empty here, it has to be implemented by the the corresponding API sub-classes. It fills the command_params hash with the appropriate content, i.e. allowed functions and their parameters.

This private method checks the validity of the command parameters. It only checks keys, not values, i.e. the content of a passed parameter might still be inapropriate for the requested operation.

OpenXPKI::Crypto::Backend::API - API for generic crypto backends OpenXPKI::Tool::SCEP::API - API for the SCEP tool
2022-05-14 perl v5.32.1

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