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OpenXPKI::Exception(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation OpenXPKI::Exception(3)

OpenXPKI::Exception - central exception class of OpenXPKI.

This is the basic exception class of OpenXPKI.

OpenXPKI::Exception->throw (message => "I18N_OPENXPKI_FAILED", children => [$other_exception],#opt. params => {FILENAME => $file});

if (my $exc = OpenXPKI::Exception->caught()) { ## handle it or throw again my $errno = $exc->errno(); my $errval = $exc->as_string(); OpenXPKI::Exception->throw (message => ..., child => $exc, params => {...}); } else { $EVAL_ERROR->rethrow(); }

Please note that FILENAME will be extended to __FILENAME__. If you want to send a specific errorcode to the caller then you can specify errno directly like message, child or params.

usually all functions from Exception::Class will be used. Nevertheless one function will be overloaded and on new function will be specified to support other modules with errorcodes if one is available.

This function is used to build the new errormessages conforming to the specifications of OpenXPKI. This means in the first line the specification of i18n.

returns the untranslated and unmodified i18n-message-code

returns the names of the available parameters (message, errno, child, params).

errno returns the errorcode if available.

returns the exception object of the child if this is a nested exception.

returns a hash reference with name and value pairs of the parameters for the error message (i18nGettext).
2022-05-14 perl v5.32.1

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