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OpenXPKI::Server::Log(3) User Contributed Perl Documentation OpenXPKI::Server::Log(3)

OpenXPKI::Server::Log - logging implementation for OpenXPKI

This is the logging layer of OpenXPKI. Mainly we use Log::Log4perl. The important difference is that we replace the original DBI appender with our own appender which can handle some funny details of some special databases. Additionally our log function do some special things to meet our requirements.

The constructor only accepts the named parameter "CONFIG" which can either be
  • a path to the Log::Log4perl configuration file,
  • a reference to a scalar holding the Log4perl configuration string or
  • undef to either use an already initialized Log4perl or create a screen only logger using "easy_init" in Log::Log4perl

Returns the audit logger of the given subcategory openxpki.audit.$subcat.

Positional parameters:

$subcat sub category - optional, default: system

This is the old method used in pre 1.18 and shouldnt be used any longer! Each call triggers a deprecation warning with facility "openxpki.deprecated"

This function creates a new log message it accept the following parameters:

  • PRIORITY (debug, info, warn, error, fatal)
  • FACILITY (auth, audit, monitor, system, workflow)

    It is possible to specify more than one facility by passing an array reference here.

  • MESSAGE (normal text string)
  • MODULE (overwrites the internally determined caller) - optional
  • FILENAME (overwrites the internally determined caller) - optional
  • LINE (overwrites the internally determined caller - optional)

Default is "system.fatal: [OpenXPKI] undefined message".

Shortcut method that logs a message with "PRIORITY => "debug"".

Positional parameters:

  • $message log message
  • $facility the logging facility - optional, default: "system"

Shortcut method that logs a message with "PRIORITY => "info"". Similar to "debug".

Shortcut method that logs a message with "PRIORITY => "warn"". Similar to "debug".

Shortcut method that logs a message with "PRIORITY => "error"". Similar to "debug".

Shortcut method that logs a message with "PRIORITY => "fatal"". Similar to "debug".
2022-05-14 perl v5.32.1

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